List of participating companies in the forth edition

Companies Industries
Ædifica Architecture and design
Alfred Cloutier Footwear manufacturer for men, women and children
AZUR Group Cloud-based software solutions 
BBLuv Group   Baby products
Cuisine Malimousse Processing and commercialization of food products
Cuisines Steam Kitchen design and manufacturing
Fin Finaud Consultant Software and IT tool development
Genius Solutions Development of ERP manufacturing management software for customized and to-order manufacturing
Graph Synergie Real estate communications and marketing services
Hardy Filtration Filters and industrial filtration products
Infynia   IT security service
Intellinox Technologies   Energy savings for professional kitchens; air conditioning, heating, ventilation and heat recovery
Komutel   Development of innovative telecommunications and interoperability solutions
Les Confections Stroma   Clothing production
Pépin Paint manufacturing and distribution
PM SCADA Cyber Security IT security service
Prevtec Microbia Pharmaceutical products for animals
Profab 2000 Manufacturing of high-quality sports equipment and street furniture
Sanuvox   Air purifiers
Saint-Leger Waters   Purified bottled water
SIMCO Technologies   Integrated solutions and highly specialized engineering consulting services
TM Couture   Fabric production
Yourbarfactory Food bar production

List of participating companies in the second edition

Companies Industries
123 Certification Inc. Training tools, welding
Atelier Kollontaï Fashion, clothing 
Biexo Manufacturing of bench tanks and metal parts
Consulair  Environment – air emissions and ambient air measurement  
Cyclone Lighting Street lighting
Dans un jardin Bath products
Dectro International  Permanent hair removal devices, medical-aesthetic technologies  
Delom Services Electromechanical and motorization equipment
Fumoir La Fée des Grèves  Transformation of specialty sea products in the manufacture of cold-smoked salmon 
Groupe conseil FXinnovation Inc. Information technology
Hygie Canada Healthcare (infection control)
JMJ Aéronautique Human resources management in the aeronautics field
Judith & Charles Fashion, clothing
Jyga Technologies  Manufacturer of farm equipment, computerized feeding systems for pork farms 
K2 Geospatial Software development – spatial information
Kinova Inc. Robotics – rehabilitation
Machitech Automation Inc.  Manufacture of machine-tools for metalworking 
NovAxis Solutions Inc.  Web solutions development 
Palmex International Inc. Manufacturing – synthetic palm leaves
PROCAD CONSULTANTS Software and services – construction
Produits métalliques PMI  Manufacture and installation of steel structures  
TechFab Inc. Aeronautics machining and tooling
Triode Specialized product strategy services for the equipment transport and medical device sectors

List of participating companies in the first edition

Companies Industries
Agro-100 Agro inputs
Alutrec Inc. Aluminium heavy transportation equipment
AV&R Vision & Robotics Robotics, aerospace, energy
Berlie-Falco Green technology 
DCM Aerospace Aerospace
de la Fontaine Construction 
Elasto Proxy Industrial production 
Fugesco Energy
Réfraco Refractory applications and engineering services
Immanence IDC Development and marketing of high-quality anti-age products in the cosmeceuticals category
INTEGRIM Information technology 
iTi Inexcon Technologies Information technology 
Momentum technologies Information technology
Obzerv technologies Inc. Optics
Opsens Optics
PCM Innovation Prototypes, moulds, and specialized tooling
Plastiques Moore  Plastic injection
Sogel Composites 
Sonitec Vortisand Environment 
Transfert Environnement Social communication
TRIGONE Services 
TXT Carbon Inc./Supreme 75 Inc. Fashion
Banque Nationale Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec Export Québec